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Here’s a New Post from Po River Furniture

A Navy Vet Will Make Your Holiday Gifts.

Hand-made, one of a kind, one at a time.

Big update:   As of this writing, my new wood shop is still not winterized.  That means I can’t put finishes on things once the weather dips into the 40s and 50s.  So…if you see anything  at PO RIVER FURNITURE that trips your trigger you may want to grab it.  There may be quite a lag in production later this month.  All my stuff is unique and handmade but I do replace popular items with similar pieces when they sell out.

And as always, you can be confident that any gift from Po River will always be appreciated for it’s tasteful, unique, hand-made quality.  In other words, the person you give that gift to will think you are REALLY cool and smart.

Here’s a smattering of what you’ll find.

Salute to Nurses/Hero Series/wall hanging/recycled/pallet art image 0

My recycled PALLET ART pieces are cool for several reasons.  They are rustic and “beachy” because I make no attempt to erase the character of the wood’s previous life.   I try to make them of a theme that is either funny or has real meaning.

Salute to Nurses

Salute to the Thin Blue Line

Fun and Beachy           Fun and Beachy 2

Silver Spark Tulip in Maple image 0You’ll find a bunch of world-class wine stoppers like this one for the vino fan in your life.  Browse the shop for one you like.


Here’s another example.  All recycled woods.




Kubb. Nordic Yard Game. image 0


I knew this was going to be popular, but I had no idea just how popular.  It is now my fastest selling item.  And it’s a lot of fun.  If you like lawn games you’ll love KUBB






There’s lots more.  Come by and shop around!


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Okay, Okay! So It’s Maple!

This is the wood pile in the back of my shop.

I have a bunch of wood stored in the back of my shop.  Some of it is small pieces of wood that I am slowly using up as I recycle it.

I know.  It looks like a soup sandwich.  In recent posts to Etsy, I got the species of wood used wrong.  I just want to go on record here to correct the errors so if anyone revisits the site they don’t say, “Hey!  That’s not what you said before!”  And hopefully have this out before the work in question is purchased!





The first goof was a tree ornament that I said was a mahogany acorn.  I got a chunk of mahogany table legs mixed up with walnut legs.  Both were from a renovation on Ft. Belvoir.  The acorn/birdhouse is walnut.

The second species miscue was wine stopper.  I was milling the wood for it at the same time as some old barn oak.  I mislabled the stopper as barn oak, then as plantation wood.  IT’S MAPLE!  It was milled from a horde of wood a friend at Lighthouse Woodturners gave me.  I wish I had a ton of the stuff.  It works down so nicely and the stopper came out exactly as I wanted it to.

Maple flame wine stopper. Pretty, ain’t it?

The Po River Furniture Shop is a brand new project.  The objects were all made this fall by hand in my shop.  You are, of course, welcome to visit.  Hit “favorite” so you can see the new stuff as soon as it goes online.  I will be doing a lot of wild experimentation in the coming weeks to provide some very unique Holiday items!

I might even reorganize that wood pile.

Have fun.