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Pallet Art: Some fun. Some touching.

Recycled Pallet Art from Po River Furniture

Unless I have a very specific project in mind, I tend to create furniture and décor based on on what kind wood happens to roll into my shop.

I recently broke up a bunch of bracing used to move large displays at Home Depot. The associate was happy to be rid of it.

With the wider pieces I was able to create some nice wall hangings. Some are serious. Some are fun. All, I hope, will be to your liking.

All these pieces have been milled just enough to make them usable.  The pieces are then cut, etched and hand-painted.  No attempt has otherwise been made to hide the character from their past life.

No two will ever be alike.  I make them by hand on at a time.  With each iteration there will be differences, subtle and not so subtle.  Even if the text and images are similar your  piece will be unique.

Here are some early samples with links to where you can get them.

Hero Collection


Now, more than ever, we need to show our support for the people who hit the streets every day.  They have one main mission: to make our neighborhoods safe.

Lately, that’s been a pretty thankless task.  I’ll keep making these for as long as folks order them.

Look here.





I really like how the nurse project came out.  Cute and rustic.

This is for all those double shifts and difficult conditions our medical bubbas have been toiling under.  The job is tough enough in regular times.

This is where I got the inspiration for the HERO series.

At the height of the Covid-19 shut down, a little girl wanted to do something nice for her mother, a full-time nurse. One day, while mommy was working she got her chalk and drew pictures all over the front walk to the house. At the end of the walk, in big, colorful letters she wrote, “A HORE lives here.”

Now you have to admit, a silent W might get past a little girl. And who would we be to judge? But the general consensus is that she meant “HERO.” And mommy loved the message.

What a little sweetie!

Get it here.

Let’s get to the silly stuff!

For the beach house, pool house, bar, porch or She Shed.

The beach theme pieces are made from the same recycled wood as those above.

The Flip Flop Zone

This wall hanging demands the viewer approach and read it.  Twilight Zone fans will love how it reflects Rod Serling’s opening monologues.







Here’s yours.

Buffett fans! ‘Nuff said.

C’mon Parrotheads.

Be a Better Person

I love summer.

I miss living where I could wear flip flops 10 months out of the years.

Get beachy.