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My Work Upclose: Mixed Species Stopper

Find beautiful and unique gifts for weddng parties, holidays, graduations, promotions, and more here, at Po River Furniture!



This is one of the first of Po River’s turnings to go on the market.  The stopper is one of a pair made from recycled wood.  It contains Walnut and mahogany from conferences tables discarded on Fort Belvoir in the previous decade.  There is a piece of Pine heartwood used to brace missiles for transport to Naval Weapons Station Yorktown (can only be used once and must be discarder by the Weapons Station).  The center  of the work is a piece of oak from the Civil War era barn torn down around 2004. You can find the finished art HERE.




Your stopper is 4 1/2″ long and 1 5/8″ wide.  The turning sits atop a triple chrome stopper with a rubber gasket.


What I Love About This Item

Like many of my turnings, this piece draws you in.  Each cut of wood has it’s own character. You want to turn it and enjoy the patterns playing off each other.  It is rich and heavy. It has a very manly appeal and will look good on your bar.  Look for our display racks coming soon!





Baby pictures

Our mixed species friend is seen here with this big brother soon after I found them hiding in a laminated block of wood.





You can bring this piece home from Po River Furniture Shop for yourself or someone special. All my stoppers and pens come in their own attractive velvet pouch.

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Po River Pens!

Po River Furniture is happy to announce that we have added hand-turned wood pens to our lineup.  We have released the first of what will be a long line of beautifully crafted works.  With one exception as of 2/15/19, the first run is gone.

Pieces of Civil War era barn wood (oak) on the lathe being turned round.

Earlier we featured the production of one of our pens on Facebook.  It was made from the old barn oak you’ve seen throughout our Etsy site.  It came out perfect.  But it was not for sale. As the first of the line, it was presented to Mrs. Po River as a Valentine gift.

This is the finished product. Po River’s first pen.








Here’s the pen you can own.  It is made from mahogany cut from an old conference table that was discarded on Fort Belvoir.  Can you believe this wood was in a dumpster?  The pen has a hard glossy finish and the grain is fantastic.

Y0u can find this beauty on our Etsy site.


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Po River Furniture: Discounts

You have to work for some discounts!

A very sweet young lady approached my table at a craft festival recently.  She was lovin’ on one of my snowman wine stoppers.  And what’s not to love?  Right?  She and her friends were discussing the piece and she asked if she could get a discount.

I smiled and said, “Listen carefully to these three questions.”

Me:  Are you military or retired military?

Her: No.

Me: Are you an Uber of Lyft driver?

Her: No.

Me: [With heavy emphasis] Do you love Po River Furniture?

Her: Well, I don’t know…I…uh really don’t know much about…

Her friends caught it and laughed.

Again me:  Do you LOVE Po River Furniture?

Her: [looking around for a second] Oh! Yes! It’s my favorite!

Me: Well, there you go! 10% off!

What can I say?  She was obviously a woman of good taste and character.

I have three discount codes on my Etsy site. The first is for active duty and retired military.  No need to explain that one.  The code is MILITARY.  The second is for UBER and LYFT drivers.  I know what it is like to be out there schleppin’ for tips behind the wheel.  So I want to give them a little break too.  Code: UBERLYFT.  I post those codes everywhere.

Flame finial wine stopper (maple)

But the one code you have to look for, or be a brilliant and attractive Entrepre-Nutty reader to get is the easiest to qualify for.  You don’t have to put your life on the line for you country.  You don’t have to drive drunks home at 0200 when the bars are closing.  You just have to appreciate the look and feel of hand-crafted art produced in a wood shop.  In this case you simply have to “love” Po River Furniture.  [twisting my evil mustache] Discount code: LOVEPORIVER

So there you are.  As a discerning fan of, you can now get a discount at my esty shop, the Po River Furniture Shop.  Enjoy.  Hope to see yo soon.


Walnut Acorn Bird House. Everything including the hook eye is recycled or repurposed scrap. SOLD.


Po River Furniture is 100% owned and operated by a service-related disabled veteran.



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Okay, Okay! So It’s Maple!

This is the wood pile in the back of my shop.

I have a bunch of wood stored in the back of my shop.  Some of it is small pieces of wood that I am slowly using up as I recycle it.

I know.  It looks like a soup sandwich.  In recent posts to Etsy, I got the species of wood used wrong.  I just want to go on record here to correct the errors so if anyone revisits the site they don’t say, “Hey!  That’s not what you said before!”  And hopefully have this out before the work in question is purchased!





The first goof was a tree ornament that I said was a mahogany acorn.  I got a chunk of mahogany table legs mixed up with walnut legs.  Both were from a renovation on Ft. Belvoir.  The acorn/birdhouse is walnut.

The second species miscue was wine stopper.  I was milling the wood for it at the same time as some old barn oak.  I mislabled the stopper as barn oak, then as plantation wood.  IT’S MAPLE!  It was milled from a horde of wood a friend at Lighthouse Woodturners gave me.  I wish I had a ton of the stuff.  It works down so nicely and the stopper came out exactly as I wanted it to.

Maple flame wine stopper. Pretty, ain’t it?

The Po River Furniture Shop is a brand new project.  The objects were all made this fall by hand in my shop.  You are, of course, welcome to visit.  Hit “favorite” so you can see the new stuff as soon as it goes online.  I will be doing a lot of wild experimentation in the coming weeks to provide some very unique Holiday items!

I might even reorganize that wood pile.

Have fun.