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Po River Pens!

Po River Furniture is happy to announce that we have added hand-turned wood pens to our lineup.  We have released the first of what will be a long line of beautifully crafted works.  With one exception as of 2/15/19, the first run is gone.

Pieces of Civil War era barn wood (oak) on the lathe being turned round.

Earlier we featured the production of one of our pens on Facebook.  It was made from the old barn oak you’ve seen throughout our Etsy site.  It came out perfect.  But it was not for sale. As the first of the line, it was presented to Mrs. Po River as a Valentine gift.

This is the finished product. Po River’s first pen.








Here’s the pen you can own.    It is turned from cherry with a walnut inlaid Celtic knot! The pen stabilized and has a hard glossy finish. It features a spalted, wormy grain.

There are a few pens and other items left but soon the shop will close to relocate and there won’t be any new items until next year.

Find the spalted cherry pen here!



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Want a Great Bed or Bunkbed? Call Here!

Please welcome Po River Furniture to Entreprenutty!


Great bunk beds and standard beds built by a local crafts man * Lifetime warranty * Great prices!

Tower over desk. One of two such options.

Strong, safe and durable! If you buy one of our bunks for your kids today, your grandchildren will be able to sleep in them!

Increase your living space without adding square feet to your home!  You can choose form several designs with lots of sleeping and storage options. We even have stairs with cubbies build into them!

L-shaped bed with large storage drawers below.

Great for kids’ rooms, camp cabins, fishing and hunting lodges, dorms, firehouses and BEACH/RENTAL PROPERTY!!!! (INCREASE CAPACITY!)

Trundle bed for even more space.

IMPORTANT: We work only with suppliers with a good reputation for managed forestry. But we don’t skimp on material.  you won;t find fiberboard or lightweight lumber on these beds!

But there is only one way to bring these beds home to your kids:  Call 1-800-BUNKBED and make an appointment. When you see our model, you’ll be glad you did!

We have twin and full beds too.
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Welcome to your Entrepre-Nutty Launch Vehicle.

I will be contacting you within 24 hours.

I’d love to drum up new business.  But how can I do that and…

  • …Finish my book?
  • …Be at my deli counter?
  • …Do an full-time job?
  • …Take care of kids?
  • …Maintain my niche blog?
  • …Do all the other paperwork my business requires?

Am I in your wheelhouse here?

Important: READ FIRST

ELV is not a one-size-fits-all, scattershot operation.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with companies who do that.  Some are pretty good. And any exposure is a good thing, right?

But we are significantly different!

Our focus is going to be highly targeted.  We will be working directly with you, in person, every step of the way.  You do what you do best, we will do all the work to bring you leads and clients.

We will design a campaign to take you from where you are now to where you want most to be.  We will pull all the stops.

  • Facebook (including events and canvas)
  • Twitter (including aggressive buffering in prime time)
  • creative use of content
  • creative calls-to-action
  • overlapping links to your related offers (where appropriate)
  • targeted email campaigns
  • press releases
  • follow-ups based on analysis from all the above

Ad Writers:  Ease your ASS PAIN!

Are you promoting a book? At Entrepre-Nutty we have a soft spot in our hearts for writers.  Trust me, I have painful experience to back up the urgency!

I don’t assume that you are a frustrated newbie. In fact, all of our present clients are giants, or near giants, in their fields.  This process will still grow your presence and attract quality leads.

Please keep in mind that I limit the numbers I’ll take on each month.  That number can be driven down even further by the number of months some campaigns will run.

But if you are a frustrated newbie, you are definitely in the right place!  With step one, our goal is to make you a known, and hopefully respected, entity in your niche/profession – right out of the gate!

* Entrepre-Nutty and the author of this website make no claims whatsoever regarding the conversions you will see or the revenue you will generate as a result of our efforts. Only a refund on Google placement failure is offered for any of our services rendered. Results will vary according to product, demand, clients participation and market forces. Entrepre-Nutty has no control over these forces. However, we pledge to do our level best to make your success possible.

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Create Energy and Buzz Around YOUR Business!

Entrepre-Nutty will launch a limited number of clients per month for campaigns lasting from one day to six months.  To get your enterprise included in the movement, drop us a line and tell us what you do.

No matter what your business, large or small, even micro-niches, we will help you promote it or for a fee, we will promote your business for you.

I answer all my emails

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Uber and Lyft, GET MORE RIDERS!

Making the most of Uber and Lyft and more.

Entrepre-Nutty was created to provide ideas, reviews and hard information help you make changes to your income and lifestyle.  A few months ago, with that mission in mind, I decided to look into ride share companies (Uber and Lyft to start) to give my readers more options. I am actually driving for a few to give you first-hand intel. What I’ve discovered is pretty amazing. I’ll have much more to say about driver apps in other articles.

The point I’ll hammer home in every article is this: If you don’t treat ride share as a business, even a very small part-time business, you will come away frustrated and tired.  And you’ll beat your car up for nothing.  To help you build that business I will provide reviews of available tools.

Here’s a big one.  Increase your rides by up to 30%!

Shortly after I signed up for Uber, I decided to give Lyft a try as well. My only concern was getting an Uber and Lyft call simultaneously. Naturally, one minute after running both apps together, I got a Lyft and Uber ping within two seconds of each other. I had to dump the Uber call. I don’t like doing this. (At the time it was a serious issue with the ride share companies. It seems to be less of an issue for them now, but I will tell you in a separate article why you still don’t want to be turning down rides.)

Anyhoo…in my research about ride share I came across an app that toggles automatically between the two major ride share companies along with a few other driver apps like Postmate Fleet. More are on the way and I have volunteered to be a part of a beta test to add them to the lineup.

The company is called Mystro(Free trial available here) Their app is a simple and effective tool. When a call comes in, Mystro notifies you. You have the option of having it come through on auto-accept, as I do, or you can manually accept the ride. Once accepted, other driver apps are automatically shut down. When you complete the ride, the others are brought back online automatically.

At the “encouragement” of others talking about aggressive ride share strategies, I have experimented twice in four months with turning offMystro and putting Uber andLyft on together. BAM! Both times I had to dump one ride request for another. I will not be doing that anymore.

Caution: There have been occasions when Mystro has not turned off one of the applications. Fortunately, that is rare and has not been when I was getting two at once. I even got a notification of the failure. I simply went to the app that was not in use and turned it off. In both cases Mystro turned it back on again when the ride in question ended.

There are other apps out there that claim to be what Mystro is, but they are not. On is called Upshift. This is a heavy app. One reviewer complained of his phone running hot while on Upshift. It has a lot of neat features that track deductions and miles, but it has a constant display that tends to be in the way of other apps and requires much more hands-on operation between rides. It also, as far as I know right now, does not automatically toggle opposing apps on and off like Mystro does.

Some drivers do like Upshift. It is handy. The app costs $2.99 You can get it here. This is an unpaid link.

To get the functions you NEED for tracking and driving with multiple apps at one time, I recommend you go with Mystro as your toggling device and Stride for ride share to track miles and expenses.  I will get into detail about Stride in my next post. For now, just know that it is a lightweight but robust app that runs quietly in the background. It will shock you with the money you’ll save on your taxes! The app is free.

Grab it NOW!

Get Stride HERE!

Car: Photo Credit: dharder9475 Flickr via Compfight cc

Dashboard:  Photo Credit: {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} Flickr via Compfight cc