Success: An Evolution

Hi. I’m Matt Jordan, author and founder of the Entrepre-nutty Launch Vehicle.

Entrepre-Nutty is a means by which YOU can succeed!  We’re here to BLAST your eCommerce site, blog or even your brick-and-mortar business onto the public scene.  We make potential customers sit up and take notice!  We help you succeed in your niche without being distracted by minutiae and spending tons of money on promotion.

Let’s face it, pursuing all those revenue generators are a huge distraction from what you are trying to accomplish to begin with.

Why I Started Entrepre-Nutty

In April of 2014 I left the 9 t0 5 routine and set out to become a writer.  I would live on a $2000/month Navy pension and write about travel and politics.  No worries, I thought.  It won’t be this way for long.  After all, I had a website and a great book idea (I love politics).  Once my first book was done I figured I’d be on easy street.  I would just get a self-publishing service to print it (a $3500 fiasco) and run a kindle version.  And voila!  I’d be a successful, self-made man!  Right?

I found out very quickly how wrong I was!  Just because something is on Amazon doesn’t mean anyone will see it, much less buy it. After just a few weeks of abysmal sales, I realized I was going to have to do some advertising and promoting.  I checked around and found out that such services, from traditional sources, start in the thousands!!   I barely had two pennies to rub together.

I started buying ads on Amazon and boosting Facebook posts a few dollars at a time.  And…you guessed it…I crashed and burned.  Targeting was weak and a two sentence blurb didn’t do the trick. I started attending sales-pitch webinars, one after another, looking for answers. Naturally, they all wanted money.  Lots of it.  Their stuff always seemed great.  But I couldn’t afford to buy in. But something was beginning to happen.  I just didn’t realize it.

I continued banging away at Facebook.  I networked my ass off.  And still I would watch dejectedly as my Amazon reports would chart sales, one or two books at a time….

…Then I figured out what was happening.

https://entreprenutty.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/14333664_1471909159508092_8713476146487567801_n.jpgThen one day I realized that I was learning.  With each webinar and sales pitch, I was picking up little tidbits of information and starting to understand what I needed to do to succeed.  That is when I finally broke down and bought into a system that would fully organize and automate online sales campaigns.  I learned about advertising and how to maximize impact.

I have since committed to an idea.  For a reasonable price, I would set aside time to work with people who are where I had been for the previous two years.  Using a hybrid of programs you’ll see here in the future, I would use my knowledge to help people.  I would do the leg work and get them started so they wouldn’t have to suffer the same frustrations I did.

I didn’t quit my job to become an internet sensation.  Some of you reading this may wish to be that.  I’ll help you with that, of course.  I will do my level best to make you famous.

But I suspect many of you want to be successful and profitable pursuing your passions.  Writing, selling programs you are passionate about, teaching, running a restaurant, selling your crafts.  I know how you feel! I want to be an author.

The concept I’ve developed will allow YOU to do what you do best; write, sculpt, cut lawns, run a restaurant…. We’ll do the pimp work for you!

I’m not going to break your stones.

There is no sneaky up-sale here, keeping you clicking through gradually more expensive items.  I will have a list of services with prices attached.  We’ll talk.  You pick where you want to start. Also, you may notice I didn’t put my whole dog-and-pony show here.  I only want people who really need help getting noticed or are ready to take it to the next level. Just use the Opt In box below for more info and I will get back to you ASAP.

Critical information:  I can only take on 10 clients per month.  I will create campaigns running from 1 day to 6 months.  For May 2017, I already have one scheduled client and three are reviewing their prices to decide how big a splash they will want to make.  I’m not interested in taking money from more people than I can’t effectively serve.  Plans are in place to remove this limit responsibly.

I’ll see you on the other side.


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