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The Po River Queen


Some time back I started a special series of bottle stoppers – chess pieces. So far we have a rook and a bishop. Now we add the Queen.  She is a stylized representation from the dark side, made from the reclaimed Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood.   

The queen is slightly taller than the bishop and shorter than the king will be. In this style I have the king and pawn left to create. Then it will be on to the knight.  That cannot be purely stylized.  I’ll have to actually carve a horse head.

Be sure to order your pieces as they become available and look for new pieces on a regular basis.  This is a fun gift for the wine aficionado. Like all the gifts you can find at Po River Furniture, this one shows that you actually gave some thought and creativity in gift-giving.  Your friend or loved one will appreciate that.

For the wine super freak I will custom make a complete 32 piece chess set of stoppers and a special board to actually play a real game when your stoppers aren’t sitting on a bottle.  Price:$600. Just contact me through my Etsy site.


And don’t miss out on all our other great pieces at Po River Furniture.  I make them one of a kind, one at time!

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