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My Work Upclose: Mixed Species Stopper

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This is one of the first of Po River’s turnings to go on the market.  The stopper is one of a pair made from recycled wood.  It contains Walnut and mahogany from conferences tables discarded on Fort Belvoir in the previous decade.  There is a piece of Pine heartwood used to brace missiles for transport to Naval Weapons Station Yorktown (can only be used once and must be discarder by the Weapons Station).  The center  of the work is a piece of oak from the Civil War era barn torn down around 2004. You can find the finished art HERE.




Your stopper is 4 1/2″ long and 1 5/8″ wide.  The turning sits atop a triple chrome stopper with a rubber gasket.


What I Love About This Item

Like many of my turnings, this piece draws you in.  Each cut of wood has it’s own character. You want to turn it and enjoy the patterns playing off each other.  It is rich and heavy. It has a very manly appeal and will look good on your bar.  Look for our display racks coming soon!





Baby pictures

Our mixed species friend is seen here with this big brother soon after I found them hiding in a laminated block of wood.





You can bring this piece home from Po River Furniture Shop for yourself or someone special. All my stoppers and pens come in their own attractive velvet pouch.