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Po River Pens!

Po River Furniture is happy to announce that we have added hand-turned wood pens to our lineup.  We have released the first of what will be a long line of beautifully crafted works.  With one exception as of 2/15/19, the first run is gone.

Pieces of Civil War era barn wood (oak) on the lathe being turned round.

Earlier we featured the production of one of our pens on Facebook.  It was made from the old barn oak you’ve seen throughout our Etsy site.  It came out perfect.  But it was not for sale. As the first of the line, it was presented to Mrs. Po River as a Valentine gift.

This is the finished product. Po River’s first pen.








Here’s the pen you can own.  It is made from mahogany cut from an old conference table that was discarded on Fort Belvoir.  Can you believe this wood was in a dumpster?  The pen has a hard glossy finish and the grain is fantastic.

Y0u can find this beauty on our Etsy site.