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Want a Great Bed or Bunkbed? Call Here!

Please welcome Po River Furniture to Entreprenutty!


Great bunk beds and standard beds built by a local crafts man * Lifetime warranty * Great prices!

Tower over desk. One of two such options.

Strong, safe and durable! If you buy one of our bunks for your kids today, your grandchildren will be able to sleep in them!

Increase your living space without adding square feet to your home!  You can choose form several designs with lots of sleeping and storage options. We even have stairs with cubbies build into them!

L-shaped bed with large storage drawers below.

Great for kids’ rooms, camp cabins, fishing and hunting lodges, dorms, firehouses and BEACH/RENTAL PROPERTY!!!! (INCREASE CAPACITY!)

Trundle bed for even more space.

IMPORTANT: We work only with suppliers with a good reputation for managed forestry. But we don’t skimp on material.  you won;t find fiberboard or lightweight lumber on these beds!

But there is only one way to bring these beds home to your kids:  Call 1-800-BUNKBED and make an appointment. When you see our model, you’ll be glad you did!

We have twin and full beds too.
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