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Welcome to your Entrepre-Nutty Launch Vehicle.

I will be contacting you within 24 hours.

I’d love to drum up new business.  But how can I do that and…

  • …Finish my book?
  • …Be at my deli counter?
  • …Do an full-time job?
  • …Take care of kids?
  • …Maintain my niche blog?
  • …Do all the other paperwork my business requires?

Am I in your wheelhouse here?

Important: READ FIRST

ELV is not a one-size-fits-all, scattershot operation.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with companies who do that.  Some are pretty good. And any exposure is a good thing, right?

But we are significantly different!

Our focus is going to be highly targeted.  We will be working directly with you, in person, every step of the way.  You do what you do best, we will do all the work to bring you leads and clients.

We will design a campaign to take you from where you are now to where you want most to be.  We will pull all the stops.

  • Facebook (including events and canvas)
  • Twitter (including aggressive buffering in prime time)
  • creative use of content
  • creative calls-to-action
  • overlapping links to your related offers (where appropriate)
  • targeted email campaigns
  • press releases
  • follow-ups based on analysis from all the above

Ad Writers:  Ease your ASS PAIN!

Are you promoting a book? At Entrepre-Nutty we have a soft spot in our hearts for writers.  Trust me, I have painful experience to back up the urgency!

I don’t assume that you are a frustrated newbie. In fact, all of our present clients are giants, or near giants, in their fields.  This process will still grow your presence and attract quality leads.

Please keep in mind that I limit the numbers I’ll take on each month.  That number can be driven down even further by the number of months some campaigns will run.

But if you are a frustrated newbie, you are definitely in the right place!  With step one, our goal is to make you a known, and hopefully respected, entity in your niche/profession – right out of the gate!

* Entrepre-Nutty and the author of this website make no claims whatsoever regarding the conversions you will see or the revenue you will generate as a result of our efforts. Only a refund on Google placement failure is offered for any of our services rendered. Results will vary according to product, demand, clients participation and market forces. Entrepre-Nutty has no control over these forces. However, we pledge to do our level best to make your success possible.

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