Your Success Catalyst

Hi. I’m Matt Jordan, author and founder of the Entrepre-Nutty Launch Vehicle.

Entrepre-Nutty is a means by which YOU can succeed! We’re here to BLAST your eCommerce site, blog or even your brick-and-mortar business onto the public scene. We make potential customers sit up and take notice! We help you succeed in your niche without being distracted by minutiae and spending tons of money on promotion.

Let’s face it, pursuing all those revenue generators are a huge distraction from what you are trying to accomplish to begin with.


In 2015 I walked away from a six-figure income to pursue a life less ordinary.  Since then I have published a book and have two more in the pipeline.  While building my dream of being an author, I have discovered the true meaning of entrepreneurship and the joy of self-directed work.  I research, execute and review an ever-widening array of income streams specifically so I can share them with you.  I want you to pursue your life less ordinary as well.  So walk with me a while.